Empire is a unique brand that has created its own style which can be easily distinguished for its aesthetics, authors’ touch manifesting itself in the fine lines, exquisite language of the ornaments, and a reverent following of historic authenticity in every element of our gifts.

Empire has utmost respect for the heritage and cultural values of every nation, and holds as its duty keeping part of that wealth in its gifts, as an example of haute national art of each and every country.

Empire’s branded products are the items with a history, created for a modern, dynamic and progressive person, ones which fill his or her life with aesthetics and innovation while at the same time engraving in stone the predecessors’ heritage, for centuries into the future.

The stylized winged snow leopard in the brand’s logo is easily recognized while being unique. This is a quintessence of the best elements of culture, history, art and tradition, interwoven with the cutting-edge trends and dynamic of a modern Kazakhstan—a country which with all of its power, courage, strength, vigor and aspiration strives into a creative future.

The Empire gift collections that reflect the true values of culture and arts of Central Asia evoke in true connoisseurs the feelings of warmth and sincerity, best encompassed in the brand’s slogan: “From the heart of Eurasia with Love.”

Every collection is a fruit of collaboration of talented designers and a large group of researchers, historians and artists, since the key criteria is to keep historical accuracy in each and every element, from the images of historic persons to the deep knowledge and understanding of the ornaments.


  • A synonym of an exclusive gift and an impeccable taste;
  • Items of finest quality and inimitable design;
  • Aesthetics and functionality in every detail;
  • A business card of Kazakhstan on the international arena;
  • A source of revival of national and cultural traditions.


Uniqueness, innovation and quality are the cornerstone values of the Empire brand.

Uniqueness of the exclusive items of art, gifts and accessories, as a reflection of national color and cultural values of various constituent ethnicities. Each collection represents an art amalgamation of historical heritage and modern technologies. It’s art beyond time, a place where every generation will find a gift to their tastes.

Innovation is the inalienable part of the development of every collection. Along with the study of historical facts, museum exhibits, folklore epos, legends and household details of various ethnicities, the company thoroughly studies the modern production methods, trendy materials and technological novelties. This is what makes our collections exciting to the eye while being functional.

Quality is one of the Empire brand’s secret ingredients. Our products are made at some of the best factories and manufactures in Italy, Switzerland, Germany and South-East Asia. We pay a great deal of attention to the smallest technological details, nuances of production, and painstakingly select materials and manufacturing country for every collection. The high quality of our products gives you the opportunity to present an excellent gift, and to keep it as a family relic.


“In our business we are like pioneers: we have the ability to act quickly while keeping the fine success-ensuring balance between our aspiration for a continuous growth and our ability to take a calculated risk. Our quest for perfection encompasses everything we do: from the research and design to the modern production process, from building relationships with our clients to the global marketing. I would not call what I do a job; rather, it is something I’d call “spending time comfortably.” All of my personal traits and qualities serve one singular purpose: success of our project. A passion for the beautiful and unconventional that once took hold in my heart, has given a beginning to something that I would find pleasure looking at. I strive for perfection in everything I do, and for the realization that I have created something truly beautiful.”

Voldemar Eifeld,
Founder, Empire brand

Voldemar Eifeld is a well-known businessman who actively promotes business projects in such areas as the gift industry, jewelry, and business accessories, by creating unique author collections and individual orders for companies and governments in different countries.

He began his involvement in business while still being a young student, and since then has managed to try his hand in different fields, from export-import operations between Central Asia and the Scandinavian countries to the antiquities and gallery business in Central Europe.

Having received a unique experience in Europe in the field of art management, Voldemar came back home in early 2000s with the idea to open a gifts and souvenirs business, which back then was still in its infancy. He founded a small company which in a short time gained the recognition as Central Asia’s best producer and supplier of advertising and souvenir products. Following that success, an international design studio was established that became the origin of what later developed into the Empire brand as it is known these days. Being a connoisseur of haute art, history and culture of different nations, Voldemar has been able to grow the Empire brand into a major international producer, supplier and distributor of exclusive gifts, accessories and premium goods.


  • 12/2019

    The new masterpieces have enlarged the wristwatch collection of Empire brand. The recognized brand style - a combination of national elements related to the history and culture of Kazakhstan with traditional classical design of watches.

  • 09/2019

    The exclusive «Aksauyt» chess set has been presented. Chess pieces represent perfectly stylized Kazakh warriors and commanders whose costumes and ammunition are recreated with meticulous exactitude and historical credibility.

  • 08/2019

    A limited edition of «Shapagat» tea set has been released. The cultural heritage of our ancestors has revealed to us countless stunning ornamental patterns, which became the main theme of the set in the author’s interpretation of Empire designers.

  • 06/2019

    Own production of panels has been launched. Each product, made with the highest mastery, is able to tell an extraordinary story and convey the whole palette of the beautiful, including the best human feelings - Admiration, Love and Respect.

  • 05/2018

    The unique edition "Legacy of the ages. Kazakh etiquette" is presented. Mutual project of Empire brand and famous Kazakh writer - Bakhyt Kairbekov. This one of a kind limited edition is a part of a great work, encyclopedic research of the Kazakh etiquette, which cannot stand apart from the culture of all Turkic-speaking folks and going deeply in the antiquity- to the world of steppe nomads of the Great steppe.

  • 03/2018

    The new silk treasures presented - beautifully delicate scarfs "Karlygash" and "Paradise tree". Each of this piece is telling us its own unique legend by sophisticated intricate patterns and sacred symbols.

  • 10/2017

    The jubilant return of the brand's bestseller - porcelain collection "Kazakhs". This adorable collection is a compelling result of the mutual work of the design studio together with the Kazakh artist - Nelli Bube. Rich nomadic history of Kazakh folks was taken as the keynote for this collection: traditions, customs, national costumes, houseware, ancient cities and petroglyphs

  • 09/2017

    New masterpiece from the Empire brand came to life and immediately became an integral part of the limited classy watches collection. "Kazakhstan" watch are created with the word "exclusivity" in top of mind, produced fully at the Swiss manufactory. Established style of the brand used when creating this exceptional piece of art- combination of the national elements of culture and history and traditional classy design of the watch.

  • 06/2017

    Interior premium class collection "Imperial" presented. This collection represents modern interpretation of an imperial style, impersonating exquisite luxury. The images in Saxon animal style taken as the keynote for this collection. As the base for the new items added to the collection we took a character of high-minded golden eagle and noble leopard.

  • 03/2017

    In order to continue precious traditions of an ancient zergers, Empire brand has created a truly distinct collection of silk scarfs - "Kazyna". This collection includes 3 incredible signature scarfs: "Tumar", "Zerger" and "Onerzhiyek". Each of them represents in a unique manner the priceless creations of an old artisans, who's work is still admired and valued by connoisseurs.

  • 06/2016

    The first mutual project of our design studio together with the world's watch industry brand L'EPPE and famous design studio MB&F, awarded with number of trophies from art and micro-engineering laboratory in Switzerland, came to life. As the base for the collaboration "Time of the Universe" we took an inimitable table watches Starfleet Machine, that repeats the form of the space ship. The combination of futuristic design with the ornamental decorations on the case and the most sophisticated watch mechanism is making this creation to be a pure masterpiece.

  • 02/2016

    The most incredible collection of musical instruments in partnership with famous Swiss brand of luxurious goods Reuge, is presented to Central Asia market. For the special offer of collector, we made world's one and only full-sized copy of the real dombra with the unique mechanism, that can play fragments of national melodies. The hull of an instrument made from the valuable wood species of Alpine foothills. The decorations made from the pure silver, covered with gold and crafted with diamonds.

  • 07/2015

    The development and launch of the gifts and accessories collection as for the special order from the Republic of Tatarstan.

  • 05/2015

    Premium class interior collection "Zheruyik" is presented. Big accent is made on the aesthetics of the oriental ornaments, but in general, this collection represents new angle of the classy ceremonial style. Collection is both in silver and gold color, so it can fit well to any interior or stylistics.

  • 03/2015

    Our accessories line for woman added with the brand new coquettish spring collection "Leila". The inspiration for this breathtaking design was obviously a tulip - tenderest flower, which was grown carefully in all royal gardens, as the symbol of love, spring and flawless beauty. The headliner of the collection is sure enough the watch-bracelet.

  • 07/2014

    The new fantastical summer collection of gifts for woman "Azure" presented. The line consist not only of stunning jewelry, but also it offers business accessories for woman. Inspiration for this spectacular collection found in the calm blue sky and flecks of sunlight on the sea wave.

  • 05/2014

    Our "Peacock" collection presented, the line consist not only of stunning jewelry, but also it offers business accessories for woman. An exquisite peacock feather, the symbol of love and immortality, used as the base and inspiration for this signature creation.

  • 03/2014

    The first woman collection of jewelry presented at Central Asia and Middle East market. Stylized flowers and geometrical motives has become the roots for these masterpieces. This collection still considered as the bestseller.

  • 02/2014

    Development of an elegant pocket watch in classy shape, accurately decorated with the ornamental patterns, jointly with the world known swiss watch industry brand - Boegli. This gorgeous watch are equipped with the world's smallest musical mechanism, which can bring to live fragments of the national melodies. Limited edition.

  • 10/2013

    Limited signature porcelain collection with the duet of oriental ornamental traditions and uniqueness of the bone china launched to the market.

  • 08/2013

    Our collection of the designer premium gifts is expanded with the game sets. The wooden cases for backgammons and poker set are decorated with the original ornament metal plates and encrusted with Swarowski crystals.

  • 04/2013

    In tight partnership with famous Italian brand Renzo Romagnoli, limited collection of business sets, made from highest quality genuine leather and unique designs has been developed.

  • 01/2012

    The "Golden man" pen, made by the Empire company in collaboration with the most famous brand for the writing instruments- Visconti, was named as the best writing instrument in the world by the most authoritative edition "Pen World". This pen is made of 750 gold content and inlaid with 330 diamonds, with the total weight of 3,2 carats.

  • 11/2011

    The grand opening of the official representative in Hong Kong, China.

  • 10/2011

    The products of an Empire brand has awarded with National Quality Mark - "Flawlessly- 2011". At the same time, the new collection of genuine silk scarfs has launched, made at some of the best manufactories in Italy with the inimitable technology of painting by natural dyes, which are stable to the sun rays. The most sophisticated technique of the screen and digital printing used.

  • 09/2010

    We have developed an Arabic porcelain collection with the use of the unique techniques of hand-paint and gilding.

  • 08/2010

    Spectacular leather collection of travel accessories "Arabesque" was launched in UAE market. Absolutely exclusive Arabic styled accessories has been made with an upscale genuine leather by Italian professionals. Some fitting elements were developed on exclusive base. Geometrical Arabic styled unique ornament made with the techniques of 3D embossing.

  • 06/2010

    The grand opening of the official representative in Dubai, UAE.

  • 05/2010

    Specially for the Caspian Summit we have developed limited collection of the writing accessories in partnership with the famous Italian brand Visconti and stunning Italian artist - Claudio Mazzi. The emerging problem of natural resources protection was carefully captured by an artist and transferred to every pen using unique technique of a hand-crafted aerography.

  • 03/2010

    Presentation of premium collection for men, produced at the most famous Italian manufacturer. This collection consist of the men's ties made of a supreme silk and accessories.

  • 01/2010

    Development of the unique set of decorative plates, made to the special order of the hotel chain in Middle East.

  • 2009

    Creature of the first porcelain collection in collaboration with famous Central Asian artists. The elements of the graphics, where the creative and boundless mind of an artist brings all the signs and patterns of different nations together building a new amazing world, has been taken as the fundament for this collection.

  • 2008

    The very first collection of desktop business accessories in unique eastern style was created. Refined design with skillful detailing pared with the incrustation of the Swarowski crystals, received its loving audience not only in Central Asia, but also among Middle East connoisseurs.

  • 2007

    Development of the "Animal Style" collection, which has given us a unique opportunity to reproduce an exact elements of an artefacts of Turkic folk. Increadible success of this collection has marked the new beginning of the company and birth of the fundamental brand Empire.

  • 2006

    Creature of the "Battle of Empire" - first signature chess, that became a company icon. Every single piece is carefully worked through with the precise attention to the detailes, that brings you to the time of medieval battles. It took us 1 year to make this painstacking work done, from the very first drafts to the final chess edition from our manufacturer.

The brand’s roots date back to early 2000s, when everything started with a small enterprise that supplied souvenir products to corporate clients like banks and oil companies. Once we began to understand our clients’ preferences, and after a thorough market research, we created the first author collection in a national style, at the core of which lied the elements of archeological monuments of Turkic peoples. The collection was a resounding success, which prompted a beginning of a new phase in the establishment of a unique and one-of-a-kind brand.

By 2007, an entire industry of exclusive gifs, interior items and premium and luxury accessories had been built. The Empire brand had become the fashion trend-setter and a “king of gifts,” and is now considered to be Kazakhstan’s business card on the global market. An inalienable part of every designer’s job, before creating a new collection, is to study historical facts, architecture, works of art, household specifics and traditions. It is no surprise, therefore, that our products in which our designers masterfully reflect the aesthetics and history of different people, have begun to draw the attention well beyond the boundaries of Central Asia, and gained popularity all over the world.

With its first international project launched in 2010 to create a unique collection in an inimitable Arabian style, the company had begun expanding its geography, by creating unique collections of souvenirs for most of the countries of the Persian Gulf, Russia and China. Today, Empire representative offices are open in the Middle East, Hong Kong and Russia. We are proud to count among our partners such universally recognized trademarks and producers as Reuge, Montegrappa, Alfredo Beretta, Boegli, Tardini, Zancan, and many others.

The Empire branded products are recognized as a great solution in creating an image for many modern financial establishments, oil and gas companies, embassies, diplomatic and trade representations in Central Asia, Russia and United Arab Emirates. The Empire-branded souvenirs and gifts have found their way into the homes and personal collections of many famous politicians, celebrities and businessmen all around the globe.